Capturing A Precious Moment

I would like to start off this first post (FINALLY! I only created this blog months ago.) by mentioning why photography is important to me. While there are so many technical aspects in photography, it really is a more emotionally involved process . For me, photography isn’t just about pressing a button on a camera. It isn’t about knowing what lens to use at what time or knowing every last detail about every function on my camera. Sure, these things are all important. For me, what it boils down to is capturing a moment.

Really, I love capturing the emotion involved. I don’t just want a picture of my newborn baby. I want to remember the exact way I felt the moment I first held her in my arms. I love looking back through my wedding photos and remembering how happy I felt the moment we said “I do.” And that is why I do what I do. That is why I love photography. It is one of the most beautiful forms of artistic expression. I hope that as your photographer, I am able to capture those special moments in such a way that you are able to look back and remember the way you felt at a specific moment in time.

And now, I share with you a sweet moment from my ordinary, everyday life:

Blending families is a difficult thing to do. Moving to a different state and taking my children from everything that they thought they knew definitely wasn’t easy. However, my husband has been amazing and uber-patient with the challenges of raising two children who aren’t his own.

My youngest son, however, has come to worship his step-dad. This certainly has made the transition easier. The moment I captured above was just so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. A few months ago, my aunt gave us a bag of hand-me-downs, and in the bag were these green snow boots. Well, we live in North Carolina and have summery temperatures about 90 percent of the time. So, I didn’t really envision much use coming of these boots. But, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Andrew decided that he LOVED these boots. He was putting them on every chance he got. Eight-five degrees in February? Who cares! He wanted to wear these boots. It never really dawned on me that they were the same color and bore a striking resemblance to the boots his step-dad wears to work (he’s active-duty Air Force). But every time he put the boots on he would tell me, “Time to put on my work boots.”

A few days ago, when Daniel (my husband, Andrew’s step-dad) came home from work, he took his boots off and placed them under this bench. When I told Andrew it was time to take off the boots, he replied “Ok, but I need to put my work boots with Daniel’s,” and this is the moment I had to capture. It finally dawned on me that the boots were his way of being just like Daniel, whom he has grown to adore. My eyes welled up with tears. It was just the sweetest thing. Anytime Daniel does any work around the house, Andrew puts on his boots and joins him. And while we still have our daily challenges, moments like this certainly make life sweeter.

It’s moments like this that I love to capture. I want to remember this moment and the emotion that overwhelmed me when I realized that I once again had that sense of family that I had been longing for.